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In order to obtain a glider pilot’s license you need to be in good health with no medical conditions that would interfere with flying.  You are welcome to come out to the Saratoga Soaring Association hangar at the airport to see what soaring is all about and decide if you are interested in joining.  Flight operations are conducted almost every weekend (weather permitting) April through November. The club has a Pawnee tow plane, and two training gliders for use of its members.  The club also has a spacious all metal hanger in which to store all our aircraft and protect them from inclement weather. The Saratoga County Airport is about 3 miles southwest of Saratoga Springs, New York on Geyser Road, 3 miles west to Route 50 and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). Listed below are several ways to start soaring and join the club.

GIFT CERTIFICATES ($75):Give a gift certificate for an introductory ride. Make out a check to Saratoga Soaring Association, Inc. with a self-addressed stamped envelope and mail to: Saratoga Soaring Association, Inc., c/o Fred Woll, 4 Abbey Lane, Gansevoort, NY 12831-1162.

SOLO INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE ($250):This package is an economical way to start soaring. This training package will provide a student with flight instruction through solo flight. The cost is a $250 membership fee up front, plus payment of tow fees and monthly club dues. For introductory members who have not yet reached their eighteenth birthday, discounted club dues and tow fees will be applied. With the exception of those who join before their eighteenth birthday, the package ends on completion of the initial solo flight or after the second soaring season, whichever comes first. At that time the student upgrades to a regular voting member with the $250 membership fee applied towards the regular $800 refundable membership fee and the balance payable monthly over two years. If a student does not upgrade and discontinues, the $250 fee is not refundable. Members who joined before turning eighteen will continue to have solo privileges until the soaring season following their eighteenth birthday.

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP ($500 nonrefundable): There is one-time membership fee of $500 which is nonrefundable upon leaving the club.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP ($200 non-refundable): Family members have the same privileges as the primary member.  This is limited to one family membership in a household that has one regular member.

CLUB DUES:All active members pay monthly club dues, which cover insurance, maintenance, other club expenses. Dues vary each year depending on club expenses and the number of members. In addition, membership in the Soaring Society of America (which includes the monthly magazine Soaring) is required in order to be covered by the group insurance policy.

TOW FEESstart at $15 for pattern tows and increase depending on altitude. Members are billed for tows on a monthly basis.

NORTON YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP:The Youth Scholarship Program was established in April 2000, by James Norton, a long-time soaring enthusiast and club member.  The goal of the program is to provide financial aid to young pilots who wish to learn the sport of soaring.  Contingent on availability of funds, the scholarship will offset a portion of the expenses of tow fees and SSA dues. Acceptance of candidates and annual renewal require Board approval. Recipients are expected to be exceptionally participative and helpful club members.  Revenues for the program are provided strictly through member donations. Additional information about this program is available upon request.

INACTIVE MEMBER:An active member may change his/her membership status to inactive whenever that member anticipates a period of time greater than 12 months during which he/she will not be participating in club operations.  Inactive members do not pay club dues, are not expected to perform normal member duties, and consequently are not entitled to use club services.  If requested to continue “Soaring” magazine, the club will pay the national SSA dues ($64) and bill the inactive member. To become inactive, a member must inform the Board in writing.  To re-activate, a member must contact the treasurer, and resume payment of current fees and dues (not back dues).