Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Has the airplane had any damage?

Answer: There is the following entry in the aircraft log book dated 9-17-1957: "Propeller Replaced New Standard McCauley Model #119120 - PM 7656 Ser. # 62668. Left Wing Tip Leading Edge Replaced.". No explanation for the work is provided.

Question: What is the condition of the paint?

Answer: Excellent

Question: What is the useful load?

Answer: Based on an October 2, 1991 weight & balance form, the useful load is 873.5 pounds.

Question: Why are you selling?

Answer: Reduction in the number of owners/renters and an increase in fixed operating costs (e.g. hangar rental).

Question: How old is the battery?

Answer: A new Concorde 25G-XC battery was installed on February 28, 2017.

Question: Does the aircraft have a generator or altenator?

Answer: According to the pilot's operating handbook, "electrical energy is supplied by a 12-volt, direct-current system powered by an engine-driven generator".

Question: Does the aircraft have Cleveland brakes?

Answer: There is a 337 dated October 14, 1991 for the installation of "Cleveland MLG wheel and brake kit #199-46".

Question: Has the landing gear been modified?

Answer: No documentation found to show any changes to the main landing gear.

Disclaimer: N4492B is not owned or operated by the Saratoga Soaring Association. N4492B has never been used to tow gliders.